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Property Management

A Property Manager, or Residential Property Manager, is responsible for overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of residential properties and tenant satisfaction. Our duties include scheduling routine maintenance like landscaping, mowing lawns, replacing roof tiles or changing air vents, overseeing a team of resident and maintenance staff and enforcing rental or HOA terms.

The HomeQuest Team can definitely provide any multi-unit property owners the expertise needed to manage all aspects.

We can accomplish the following for you:

  • Collect rent and other property fees from tenants and/or owners
  • Pay property expenses, including taxes, mortgages, payroll, insurance premiums and maintenance costs
  • Report the property’s financial status, occupancy and expiring leases to property owners
  • Meet potential tenants, show them the property and assessing their applications in accordance with anti-discrimination laws
  • Advertise vacant properties and find tenants as needed
  • Inspect properties and arranging for repairs and new materials as required
  • Arrange contracts for maintenance, trash removal, landscaping, security and other ongoing services
  • Manage disputes with any service providers where appropriate
  • Investigate and resolve property complaints and rental violations



Here are addresses of some properties we currently manage:

  • 372-380 Main Street, East Orange
  • 603-623 central Avenue, East Orange
  • 220 South Harrison Street, East Orange
  • 1178 Springfield Avenue, Irvington
  • 722 Springfield Avenue, Irvington
  • 451-457 Springfield Avenue, Irvington
  • 456 Halstead Street, East Orange

298-302 Halstead Street East Orange

298-302 Halstead Street, East Orange