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What is the value of hiring a Realtor?

If you have thought about selling your real estate you probably spoke to a friend or a family member to find out what their experience was like. Still not sure if you want to hire a Realtor? Realtor’s expertise can come in handy, and make ...

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First Time Home Buyer Guide

So you’re thinking about buying your first home – congratulations! What do people typically do when they start thinking about purchasing a home? If you answered – “Go on Zillow, and start browsing listings!” – you would be correc...

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Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Most homebuyers start the process anxious, excited, nervous, and some are downright terrified. It’s natural. A home is the largest and most expensive purchase that most people will make in a lifetime. It can either turn out to be a complete f...

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Signs that Now is the Time to Sell Your Home

There are many reasons why it may be time to sell your home. You may need more space to make room for a growing family or you need to downsize after your kids leave the nest. Whatever your motivations, you want to make sure that you’re timing...

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